About us

The Wychwood Project is a registered charity that uses the focus of the Royal hunting Forest of Wychwood to encourage local people to understand, conserve and restore its rich mosaic of landscapes and wildlife habitats. The area we work in covers 120 square miles and 41 parishes, mostly in West Oxfordshire. It lies partly within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Cotswold AONB) and is featured in five Conservation Target Areas - some of Oxfordshire's most important areas for wildlife: Blenheim and Ditchley ParksGlyme and Dorn ValleysNorthern Evelode ValleysUpper Windrush Valley and Wychwood and Lower Evenlode.

Through a wide range of activities, and by partnering with other organisations and working closely with local communities, we deliver advice, training, events, education and on-the-ground conservation projects.


A thriving natural landscape, rich in wildlife habitats, enjoyed by and benefitting all.

Mission: turning Vision into Action

To restore and conserve wildlife habitats within the Wychwood Forest, and encourage communities - especially landowners and farmers - to be involved.

Aim: Restoring Landscapes

To improve conservation outcomes by adopting the ‘more, bigger, better, joined’ philosophy with regard to habitat creation and management, and by influencing, connecting and enabling communities to act.  Embedded in these aims are the themes of Identity, Belonging and Stewardship, meaning that by bringing awareness of the identity of the Wychwood Forest to people, this will create a sense of belonging which in turn leads to a desire to care for it.

Our strategy to 2023 features our four key strategies: 

  • Conserve and restore natural landscapes and wildlife habitats.
  • Impart natural landscapes and wildlife habitats learning.
  • Engage individuals and organisations in conservation support and action.
  • Govern and run an effective financially viable organisation  that adheres to its mission and values. 

 We own or manage four conservation areas: Foxburrow WoodGrimes MeadowWoodstock water meadows and Wigwell Nature Reserve.

Examples of what we do can be found under our work.

The three pillars of our organisational aims are conservation, education and participation.