Bird aid

Bird aid is targetting three key species

Treesparrows, Yellowhammers and Corn Buntings at various bird aid sites around West Oxfordshire.


These seed-eating birds have declined since farming practices have changed. Birds used to feed on seeds in the stubble fields over winter before ploughing in the spring, but fields are now ploughed immediately after the harvest.

See the groups reports

Bird Aid 2017/18 Report

Bird Aid 2018 Report


Can you sponsor a bag of seed?

If so, please complete the form here and send your donation to Bird Aid, Wychwood Project (Oxfordshire), at the address top right of this page. The cheque should be made payable to the Wychwood Project (Oxfordshire). Every donation will be acknowledged.

Your financial support is needed now to keep the feeding stations going.

  • To feed one tonne of millet (1 year supply) costs £540 or £10 a bag
  • To feed one tonne of corn (1 year supply) costs £200 or £4 a bag
  • A tonne of seed feeds up to 1000 birds a year.
  • £500 will set up a new bird feeding station and will pay for seed, seed bins and bird feeders.
  • £700 per year will keep the existing feeding stations supplied with seed.

Bird Aid sites in West Oxfordshire desperately need funding to allow the current feeding stations to continue and new ones to be opened.

Over the past 9 years, Louise Spicer has organised 10 feeding stations on local farms. 20 volunteers distribute seed at these sites throughout the winter from October to early May. With valuable advice from RSPB, this venture has successfully attracted lots of Yellowhammers and on three sites even scarce Tree Sparrows and Corn Buntings. Many other birds also take advantage of the winter food at the feeding stations.

Bird Aid sites in West Oxfordshire

There are bird aid sites in Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Over Norton, Hailey and Crawley.  Other sites at Enstone, Finstock, Fawler and Witney have been tried but have not been successful for various reasons.

Bird watchers would be very welcome at some of these sites.  At present there about 20 volunteers but these are mainly involved in actual feeding - more bird watchers are needed from November to end of April.  In addition, people are needed to count birds on site.  If you would like further information on how to get involved please contact the Wychwood Project office.

If anyone wants to set up a feeding station in the Project area they are very welcome, and advice and support can be given but there is currently no funding for purchasing grain.