Conservation sites

As well as delivering a range of conservation projects the Wychwood Project also owns or manages four conservation sites within the Forest boundary:

  • Foxburrow wood  - our own community woodland of 9.15 ha. Planted during 2010 - 2014 this young woodland is located to the North of Witney.
  • Grimes meadow  - this site is designated Local Wildlife Site within the Lower Winrush Valley Conservation Target Area. It is an unimproved neutral grassland and sedge-dominate swamp community. 
  • Wigwell nature reserve - a 7.2 ha local nature reserve mainly consits of unimproved calcareous grassland and is home to the 'near threatened' Meadow clary - one of only 21 sites across the country.
  • Woodstock Water meadow - a valuable habitat for a wide range of wildlife covering 5.5ha of land on the flood plain of the River Glyme in Woodstock.