Corporate partnerships

Would your company benefit from linking with a local charity that has real local impact?

We are looking to build mutually beneficial partnerships with local retailers and businesses across the Wychwood Project area.

Raise your profile with your customers, staff and local community

The Wychwood Project is well known and well respected in the local area. We have around 600 loyal local members and work with many committed volunteers. Our annual Forest Fair attracts over 2,500 visitors. Our website attracts a good volume of traffic and is an excellent place for your company to be seen. Our active social media has a growing number of engaged followers. Our  regular publications, the Forest Update, Forest Flyer and the Forest Fair programme can give you high visibilty amongst our contact base.

Opportunities for staff engagement

We can provide opportunities for your staff to volunteer with us in a number of ways - indoors or outdoors. And if your company has any land, we could work with you to help you manage it for wildlife, or restore  landscape features.

Tailored for you

Every business is different, and you will want to choose how you support the Wychwood Project. Contact us today to talk about a bespoke Corporate Partnership based on your company's unique interests and requirements.

Our conservation work, varied volunteering activities and growing education programme mean you can be associated with something positive, creative and meaningful in your local community. Coupled with our status as a Registered Charity (no. 1084259) your staff and customers will feel that we are a cause they are proud to support.

Our partners

With thanks to our current Corporate Partners and Corporte Donors





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