Hedgelaying Course 24th November 2019 - Breach Wood, Whitings Lane, Delly End, Hailey

Course content

Learn the traditional art of hedgelaying with an experienced local hedgelayer. Originally used for the purposes of stock control, hedgelaying was once common practice. However, due to the introduction of cheaper and less labour intensive methods of stock control, this traditional form of land management is now a much rarer skill. It is now enjoying a revival across the country as an important wildlife resort.

On the course you will learn to:

- clear/prepare the hedge

- cut and lay the pleachers

- fix the stakes

- correctly use hedge laying tools

- learn the benefits of hedgelaying for wildlife and landowners

We provide

All tools and equipment including googles.  If you have your own tools and would like to bring them along please do.

You provide

Lunch, drinks, seasonally appropriate clothing, strong boots.

Booking essential via the link above. £50 /person for the days training. Contact on the day Toby Swift 07981 134804


Go wild with Wychwood - Summer Day camp August 20th - 22nd 2019

Come and join in the fun at the Ascott conservation centre in the beautiful Evenlode valley.  A wide range of activities will be on offer for children aged 8 - 12. Click on the link above for registration amd more information.


Swift walk Tuesday 25th 7.30pm - 10pm

Meeting in Cogges Heritage Trust main carpark in Witney, OX28 3RF, we will walk around the town visiting the main sites of Swift activity.  Screaming parties and nest sites should be on offer as we make our way to the West End.  A refreshing drink can be bought in the Elm Tree Pub for those that have the time to sit and watch the swifts wheel away over the rooftops.

Please register your interest on so I can manage numbers.

Glow Worms @ Widford Church Wednesday 26th 9.00pm - 11.00pm

Meet at St Mary's Church, Swinbrook, OX18 4DY. Take a stroll through the beautiful Windrush valley, along the meadows to Widford church with Wychwood Project's officer where we will see the beetles displaying their characteristic green lights and learn about their lifecycle.

Please register your interest on so I can manage numbers.


Wychwood Project is pleased to announce a collaboration with Martin Catt of Catt’s Countryside.  Martin has been ‘Sharing nature with People’ for over 35 years and is an experienced and knowledgeable naturalist, lecturer and tour leader. He is a member of many local and national groups including Wychwood Project and West Oxfordshire Field Club.  On every walk Martin will identify wildlife found on the day by participants, not just the target topics of the walk.


Butterflies and Wildflowers

Wigwell Reserve, Charlbury Tuesday 2nd 11.00am – 1.00pm

This flagship reserve has a wonderful biodiversity from nationally rare plants to once common butterflies, grasshoppers and crickets.  On a hot afternoon this site assaults the senses in the way British meadows used to!  Come along and experience this vanishing world as you learn to identify butterflies and wildflowers with Martin Catt.  Butterflies will be captured for identification and then released. 

Booking essential, £5 per person, max 20 people Please register your interest on so I can manage numbers.


Bats on the Wing Wigwell Reserve, Charlbury Tuesday 16th 8.30pm - 10pm NB - the start time for this event has been changed to 9.00pm.

Meet at Wigwell Nature reserve, Charlbury for a guided walk with bat detectors.  A range of species use the reserve and we will look and listen for them as they hunt over the flower rich meadow seeking the insects the meadows support.

Please register your interest on so I can manage numbers.


To book onto any of the events please contact us on  This will enable us to manage numbers and inform you directly of any changes.

See our Volunteering page for regular outdoor work parties that you can get involved with. If you are interested in joining a special interest group such as hedgelayers, drystone wallers and Bird Aid, see 'Our Work' page for more information or contact us on 07584 262437  or email