Foxburrow wood

Foxburrow woodIn 2012 the Wychwood Project acquired twenty two acres of farmland to the north of Witney to create Wychwood’s newest and largest community woodland by planting over 10,000 trees and shrubs.

The site, now known as Foxburrow Wood, was part of Southdown Farm to the west of a public bridleway known locally as Milking Lane.

Foxburrow Wood marks a key point in the development of the Wychwood Project and has helped us to achieve many of our long term aims to benefit the people, landscape and wildlife of the Wychwood area.

The land was previously used for grazing cattle. A small stream passes through the middle of the site and the ground slopes gently up from this to flatter ground. There is a network of well established hedgerows that provide effective boundaries.

We hope that local people and Wychwood Project members will want to join in the ongoing care of the site and look after it as a community resource. If you would like to be involved, please contact the Project Office .

A book of dedications to Foxburrow Wood can be found here.

How to find Foxburrow Wood

Foxburrow Wood is located to the North of Witney, sandwiched between Milking Lane and Foxburrow Lane.

Map of Foxburrow Wood

We have just updated our map of Foxburrow Wood to include recent new features, and amendments to the original drawings.

Information for dog walkers at Foxburrow Wood

We welcome responsible and respectful dog walkers at Foxburrow.  To help us grow a healthy woodland please observe the following: 

  • Dogs should be on a lead or under close control
  • Please prevent your dog from damaging the trees and tree guards
  • Pick up after your dog and put it in the bin or take it home. Bins are provided. 

Information regarding our deer fencing and gates can be found HERE