How to borrow the History Box

Contact "Hands on Oxfordshire Heritage" to arrange a history box loan.

Boxes are delivered to your school on the first Wednesday of term and collected on the last Wednesday of term. 

  • Cost per term: £30 with free delivery and collection.
  • Boxes must be ordered by the Wednesday before the first week of term.

Please note there is a £20 per item breakage charge. This will be charged in order to contribute towards the repair of the item if possible or sourcing and rend replacing it with a similar item if necessary/possible and making any necessary packaging alterations to the box and amending the Teacher’s Pack.

The items in the schools loans boxes are fragile and often irreplaceable. It is essential that children and adults are advised of this and asked to handle the items respectfully. Please ensure that the items are closely supervised by a member of staff at all times and handled with care over a table to minimise the risk of damage or breakage. The items are packed securely in a tough, custom made flight case so they can sit safely in the corner of your classroom ready to be used.

How the boxes help learning

The boxes are an ideal starting point for launching creative learning: promoting and developing observation, critical thinking, problem solving, questioning and empathising skills. They are also ideal for stimulating creative writing, art and design.

The learner can engage with most of their senses by feeling the weight and texture of objects, seeing the mechanisms and surface finishes, listening to the sounds when tapped or moved and even smelling an object.

As a loan period is for a whole term, there are plenty of opportunities for each box to visit several classrooms and to be used in many different contexts.