Location of existing community woodlands

Foxburrow Wood, Witney

SP 351115  9.15 hectares (c. 23 acres) of newly planted woodland on land aquired by the Wychwood Project in Foxburrow Wood is located to the North of Witney, sandwiched between Milking Lane and Foxburrow Lane. The woodland is designed with an access friendly 'welcome trail', wide grassy rides and central stream and pools.

The nearest postcode is: OX29 9UN

Centenary Wood, Charlbury

SP 363196. 4.5 hectares (c. 11 acres) of woodland planted to celebrate the centenary of Oxfordshire County Council. Planted on redundant school playing fields belonging to the Council on the north-east outskirts of Charlbury, the woodland was designed with wide grassy rides to complement an adjoining BBOWT grassland nature reserve.

Dean Common, Chadlington

SP 340212 (on the Oxfordshire Way). About 4.5 hectares (11 acres), created to launch the Wychwood Project in 1997 with the help of Oxfordshire County Council. Restored land associated with a landfill site, created with the help of Greenways and their landscape architect working with the local community to provide a variety of habitats. Nearby are Dean Grove, ancient woodland, and recent woodland planting by Waywood Furniture.

Diggers Wood, Shipton

SP 271172. About 2.5 hectares (6.25 acres). Previously farm land, bought from a private seller by the Woodland Trust in 1999 and planted in 2000. Considerable involvement of the local community in finding, designing and planting the site, which links existing and newly planted woodland. 2400 trees were planted, with a mix of species typical of Wychwood.

Eynsham Wood, Eynsham

SP 424100. About 5.5 hectares (13.5 acres) just north of the A40. Former arable land, bought on the open market by the Woodland Trust with the help of the local community in 2000. Mostly oak, ash and field maple with some wild cherry and shrubs along the rides.

William Fowler Memorial Wood, Chipping Norton

SP 317263, on the south-east of the town. About 2.75 hectares (7 acres), planted on unused and exposed allotments managed by the town council on land belonging to the William Fowler Memorial Trust. Planted in 2001 by volunteers and contractors, with a 99% survival rate. This is an elevated site in the landscape, and the woodland will merge with other, private, planting near the Rugby Club and east towards Old Chalford.

Leafield Community Wood

SP 313155, on the north side of the village. In 1997 a local group began planting trees to celebrate the Millennium, and in 1999, with advice from the Wychwood Project, they formed a charity, Leafield Woodlands Ltd, and bought this nearly 1.5 acres site from Oxfordshire County Council with the help of grant from TOE. The woodland, planted in 2000, has been designed and managed to create variety in a modest area, and many activities for the local community, especially children, take place there.

For more information on the Leafield Community Wood see www.leafieldwoodlands.co.uk.

North Leigh Common

SP 401136, north of the Witney – Woodstock A4095. About 17 hectares (41.5 acres) of Common land under the control of West Oxfordshire District Council, with management assistance from various groups. The Common was one of several areas of heath within the Forest boundaries, which in the 19th century was used for extracting sand and clay. Trees naturally regenerated in the early 20th century. Recently some areas have been cleared of trees and bracken to encourage plants typical of acid grassland. The site has wetland, scrub and woodland, and a varied bird population.

Breach Wood, Hailey

SP 356128, north-east of the village. About 2.5 hectares (6.5 acres). Formerly arable land, the site was bought from a sympathetic private seller in 2002 by the local community with the help of a grant from TOE. The wood is owned and run by Hailey Community Woodland Ltd, a charitable company. The site of the wood is on the fringes of Wychwood’s former woodlands, mid-way between Singe Wood and Jacob’s Copse. The wood has become a focus for village involvement.

Little Garden Wood, Ramdsen

SP 353155. An existing Woodland Trust site, now leased to a local community group, which has begun to clear and manage this somewhat neglected small wood. For more information, see www.littlegardenwood.org.uk