Play the Wychwood Lottery

You are invited to participate in a monthly lottery with cash prizes, while at the same time supporting the Wychwood Project to conserve and restore our beautiful local environment.

 One play £2

Two plays £4  

Three plays £6

Please note that the lottery is only open to Wychwood project members

  1. Although the following direct debit form used to set up your monthly lottery play asks for a Gift Aid declaration, Gift Aid can not be claimed on Lottery plays. The form is provided by a third party, FCC, and we can not make alterations to it.
  2. The lottery is a Private Society Lottery regulated by the provisions of 2005 Gambling Act.
  3. The lottery is open to any member of the Wychwood Project (Oxfordshire) over the age of 16.
  4. Subscription to the lottery is by monthly direct debit
  5. A single lottery number costs £2 per month, two numbers £4 per month, three numbers £6 per month. The more numbers that are held, the greater are the chances of winning a cash prize.
  6. Each month one half of the monthly subscriptions will be distributed as prizes.
  7. The number and values of the prizes will be determined at the time of the draw by the Treasurer or his representative, and one other Trustee of the Wychwood Project (Oxfordshire).
  8. Each monthly prize draw will be held during the following month, and winners will receive cash prizes by mail. Details of winners and prizes will be available on request from the Membership Secretary.
  9. The management of the Wychwood Project (Oxfordshire) Lottery is the responsibility of the Trustees of the Wychwood Project (Oxfordshire), who retain absolute discretion to vary or amend the conditions of the lottery.