Hedgelaying group

HedgelayingHedgerows are a distinctive feature of many rural landscapes and they perform a variety of important environmental functions such as screens against bad weather, cover for game, containment and shelter for stock and crops, and windbreaks that help control soil erosion.

Hedgerows are also important wildlife habitats.They are particularly important for butterflies, moths, many species of birds, bats and dormice, many of which are included within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan as well as being specifically protected in UK and EU law.

Where hedgerows are themselves ancient or are remnants of ancient woodland, they act as a refuge for woodland plants and even ancient trees, which themselves play host to an important assemblage of species. In autumn and early winter hedges offer abundant sources of food for wildlife.

The Wychwood Project hedgelaying group has undertaken regular hedgelaying and hedge restoration activities in the Wychwood Forest Area.

If you would like to become a member of this group and can offer some of your time on a regular basis please contact the project office.