Drystone walling


The Wychwood Project aims to re-build dry stone walls in key locations.  One such location is Cogges Manor Farm, where the wallers are up against it to finish for the grand opening on Saturday 18 March.  The wall itself is nearly at the right height....but how to get those huge, heavy topping stones off the ground and on to the top of the wall?  Muscle or machine...?  Read about it in the

If you have a stone wall that needs repairing, give us a call...but you will need a budget for buying stone.

The importance of dry stone walls

  • they contain livestock
  • provide shelter for livestock and buildings against the wind and rain
  • prevent soil erosion
  • provide employment in a skilled craft
  • outlast other types of field boundary many times over and prove more economical in the long run

For wildlife

  • they act as corridors for small mammals moving from one place to another
  • they provide nesting and perching sites for birds
  • are germination sites for plants
  • are good surfaces for mosses and lichens
  • they harbour insects and reptiles in their holes, nooks and crannies